Breastfeeding WebTV Show

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Watch our show where NHS Breastfeeding Advisor Amber Taylor and two mums who have had very difference experiences of breastfeeding, Karen Reekie and Clare Levett, gave their advice as well as answered questions live

It might be one of the most natural bonding processes between mother and baby, but for many mums the ‘breast is best’ message is not always as easy to follow as people would have you believe.

Many new mums struggle to breastfeed their babies for a variety of reasons, but face pressure on a daily basis, because it is seen as being best for your baby – and those that are happily breastfeeding, face another set of challenges from the public.

NHS Breastfeeding Advisor Amber Taylor has worked with many of mums who struggle to breastfeed and she joined with benenden health for a special, live stream breastfeeding show where she gave advice as well as taking questions live.

She was joined by Karen Reekie and Clare Levett, two mums who have faced breastfeeding struggles as they shared their stories and gave their own advice for overcoming the problems faced by many new mothers.  Enjoy the show.